Bosque Fire

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Meinrad’s thoughts about the Rio Grande and her Bosque Fire drawings:

“My life in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is centered on my relationship with the nearby Rio Grande and the bosque, the woods that grow along both sides of this great river. Each day over many years I have taken a succession of beloved dogs for long walks along the Rio Grande and through the bosque.

On a June day in 2004 the bosque on either side of the Rio Grande went up in flames. The fire spread terrifyingly, burning throughout the night and destroying all trees and creatures in its path.

That night I was given the choice either to evacuate my property or to remain at my own risk. I decided not to evacuate but instead to lie on my bed throughout the long night in the darkness, putting myself into the horror of the fire and burning trees and the terror of the fleeing or trapped animals.

Not long afterwards I picked up charcoal and began these drawings.

The resulting suite of Bosque Fire drawings numbered over twenty, out of which I have chosen these fourteen for display.”

Some Bosque Fire drawings are currently for sale. See IMAGES FOR SALE.